ADA Lawsuit Defense & Consulting

Companies of all sizes increasingly face claims alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Whether defending against access and public accommodation claims or disability discrimination allegations, ADA cases disrupt business, drain internal resources, garner monetary penalties and generate negative publicity. They also can lead to heightened government scrutiny and vulnerability to further lawsuits.

We can advise and defend businesses in virtually every industry including the Banks and Financial Institutions, Hotels, Hospitality, retail, supermarket, Apartment Communities, Sports Facilities, Educational Institutions, Healthcare Providers, Wineries and Restaurantindustries. Representing independent businesses as well as national chains like Safeway and other Major Retail Brands, Our Law Offices will apply their experience with the ADA’s extensive enforcement regulations to defend customers in these disputes.

What We do to Help you 

Our Attorneys will help ADA Defense practice to help companies minimize or avoid the fallout from disability bias cases through innovative litigation tactics and strategic settlement of claims.

Disabled persons, advocacy groups, and the Department of Justice can bring lawsuits against business owners to enforce compliance with the ADA, a significant part of our practice is devoted to helping clients achieve enterprise-wide compliance and avoid exposure to risk and expensive litigation. 

We work with a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) to aid our clients in performing accessibility-compliance audits that cover the ADA Standards, such as the following:

  • Architectural barriers and accessibility elements in areas such as parking, paths of travel, restroom facilities, guest rooms and pool access.
  • Programmatic barriers that prevent disabled customers from full and equal access, services, and accommodations, including inadequate policies, procedures, and training programs for staff.
  • Barriers at the planning stage involving prototype compliance assessments that identify potential barriers.

When an ADA violation is alleged, we assess the situation, evaluate the claim, and then provide advice tailored to the specific circumstances. Depending on the risks and rewards of litigation, we may mount an aggressive defense, negotiate a strategic settlement, or use mediation to resolve matters out of court. As circumstances unfold, we evaluate the course, recognizing when we need to change tracks to accomplish our client’s objectives.

Our Professional Lawyers also assist companies with establishing, implementing and enforcing proactive, comprehensive Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) policies and protocols and provide manage and employee training to reduce the risk of claims. We counsel owners and landlords and Corporations on the need to modify their properties to make sure disabled individuals have Valid Access, ensure ADA compliance, and minimize the likelihood and the potential impact of public accommodation lawsuits.

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