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James M. Barrett, PLC

James M. Barrett, PLC

Exercise full decision-making authority over all aspects of law firm operations, including full start to completion of all projects submitted. Provide strategic advice and guidance to diverse clients regarding a wide range of legal affairs. Primarily focused on handling and resolving civil, criminal and transaction law; including contract development and enforcement, partnership agreements, licensing, compliance negotiations, litigation and alternative dispute, resolution. Manage all aspects of the litigation process, from pleadings and motions practice to appearances in State and Federal Courts. Making sure the job is completed to the satisfaction of the client. Dedicated and determined.

Operational Highlights:

  • Built the legal practice specialized in handling all aspects of civil, criminal and business litigation, and very aggressive civil litigation.
  • Draft all forms of contracts, agreements, partnerships, alliances, sales agreements, business merger and sale.
  • Collaborated with City and County departments on strategic planning, code compliance and counsel matters.
  • 20 years of Civil, Criminal litigation
  • Developed and implemented innovative solution formulas and techniques to facilitate legal problem and conflict resolution.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution experience in arbitration, mediation, negotiation, as well as formal and informal dispute resolution.
  • Met and exceeded client expectations for completed legal work.

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